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Free oral contraceptives for 15-19-year-old. What does it cost, and what are the benefits? This policy brief forecasts budget impact of providing free oral contraceptives in Kazakhstan. The costs and benefits are compared in two scenarios; 1) free oral contraceptives to 15-19-year-old women, and 2) to 18-19-year-old women in 2018-2022. The results suggest that both scenarios create substantial cost-savings for the government. The costs are offset by cost savings resulting from averted abortions and fewer unwanted adolescent deliveries, pre- and postnatal care and maternity leave payments. In the first scenario, 23,000 women use OCs by 2022. The 5-year net budget impact is cost-savings of 1,324 million KZT In Scenario 2 18,000 women use OCs by 2022. The 5-year cost-savings are 1,170 million KZT. Each invested Tenge (KZT) returns the government cost savings of 6-7 KZT.