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27 September 2021

Kazakhstan participated in the regional launch of the Global Report on Ageism in Belgrade

The republic was represented by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social protection Yerlan Aukenov. In his speech, the Deputy Minister emphasized that the action plan “Active Longevity” is being... Read more

9 July 2021
Press Release

World Population Day: Rights and Choices are the Answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution lies in prioritizing the reproductive health and rights of all people

9 July 2021 KAZAKHSTAN - The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences on the population. For some, it has led to postponing childbearing. For others, disruptions in health care have led to... Read more

16 June 2021
Press Release

From now on adolescents and young people in Kazakhstan will have access to better quality reproductive health services and counselling

16 June 2021 - KAZAKHSTAN - A round-table event entitled “Development of Youth Health Centres in the Republic of Kazakhstan; opportunities and prospects” has taken place today to present its results... Read more

13 May 2021
Press Release

KALIYA (Akmarzhan Kusherbayeva) is appointed as UNFPA Kazakhstan’s Honorary Ambassador

13 May, 2021 - KAZAKHSTAN - Singer and activist KALIYA (Akmarzhan Kusherbayeva) has been appointed as the Honorary Ambassador of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund in Kazakhstan. Kaliya and... Read more

11 May 2021

Pre-marital counseling materials for couples wanting to marry in the Mosque available for the first time in Kazakhstan

11 May 2021 - KAZAKHSTAN - 80,000 copies of pre-marital counselling  materials  for  couples wanting to marry  have been disseminated across Mosques of all regions of Kazakhstan. The materials will... Read more

5 May 2021
Press Release

Kazakhstan’s population ageing to almost double in 30 years’ time

5 May, 2021 KAZAKHSTAN - According to demographic projections made in the Population Situation Analysis, Kazakhstan is currently in a relatively early  stage of population ageing. By 2050 the number... Read more

14 April 2021

Globally, nearly half of all women are denied their bodily autonomy, says new UNFPA report, My Body Is My Own

14 April, 2021 - KAZAKHSTAN - Nearly half of women in 57 countries are denied the right to say no to having  sex with their partners, use contraception or seek healthcare, according to UNFPA’s 2021... Read more

9 April 2021

UNFPA will train 210 healthcare providers from practically every region’s Youth Health Centre (YHC)

Online workshops in Kazakh and Russian will be conducted for two months starting from 9 April 2021 for healthcare providers working in areas of adolescent health and providing youth-friendly health... Read more

8 April 2021
Press Release

UNFPA, Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, medical education institutions and leading research facilities discuss educational SRH courses developed by UNFPA

 8 April, 2021, KAZAKHSTAN - The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and UNFPA have made great strides in strengthening policies and developing the institutional potential in sexual and reproductive... Read more

17 March 2021

For the first time a publication on reproductive health for women with disabilities is available in Braille

1 March 2021, KAZAKHSTAN – “The publication “A matter of importance: your reproductive health and reproductive rights”, developed by “Shyrak” Association of Women with Disabilities together with the... Read more