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Online workshops in Kazakh and Russian will be conducted for two months starting from 9 April 2021 for healthcare providers working in areas of adolescent health and providing youth-friendly health services, for psychologists and social workers

9 April, 2021, KAZAKHSTAN - The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and relevant Ministries have recognized the importance of investing in the health and well-being of young people and have committed to step up their support for youth-friendly health services. This is reflected in numerous national policies and international agreements, such as the Astana Declaration on “Investing in Youth. Leaving No One Behind” and the Nairobi Summit in 2019, where the Government confirmed its commitment to continue financing YHC in each region of Kazakhstan.

The online workshops to be conducted for YHC health providers constitute UNFPA’s technical support to the Ministry of Health. Due to the challenging COVID-19 epidemiological situation the training will be conducted in an online format by using innovative approaches employed by academic organizations of education. This format provides for Zoom-based face-to-face workshops and self-study on Moodle learning platform.

The workshops will be conducted on the following topics:

  • issues of adolescent health;
  • development of counselling skills for healthcare providers;
  • organization of social and legal assistance;
  • organization of YHC’s operations;
  • crisis communications for YHC.

The courses will be conducted separately in Kazakh and in Russian to maximize audience coverage.

“Healthy adolescents today means healthy adults tomorrow and a healthy next generation. By providing training to YHC staff we strengthen the whole system of youth-friendly services and invest in the future of youth and in the future of the country,” said Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Analyst at UNFPA in Kazakhstan Serik Tanirbergenov.

“Focusing on global challenges, the State Healthcare Development Program for 2020-2025 defines the improvement of the health of adolescents and youth through strengthening the activities of Youth Health Centers as one of the priority areas for itself. Today we need to provide these centers with competent specialists who are able not only to provide qualified services, but also to conduct a dialogue with adolescents and young people,” said Gulnaz Tanatarova, Director of the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For more information, please contact Dina Teltayeva via email or tel.: 8701 7654010.