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 8 April, 2021, KAZAKHSTAN - The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and UNFPA have made great strides in strengthening policies and developing the institutional potential in sexual and reproductive health. This work includes efforts to improve the quality of obstetric in-patient care, antenatal care, family planning, prevention and treatment of sexually-transmitted infections including HIV, ensuring that adolescents and young adults can have access to quality and friendly reproductive health counseling and services, as well as preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

This work is being carried within both national strategic programmes and policies and international commitments made by Kazakhstan at the landmark Nairobi Summit to for example continue financing training for Primary health care workers on issues related to antenatal care, safe obstetric care, family planning and more to prevent maternal mortality.

One of the building blocks in strengthening SRH programmes is the development of educational courses for medical personnel, including through online modalities of education, which has been UNFPA’s focus during 2020 and 2021. At today’s round-table the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, healthcare departments, medical educational institutions and leading research facilities have discussed the educational courses developed with support from UNFPA and have spoken about ways to integrate them into the existing system of extra-curricular and informal education.

“These are very timely and very important materials. Issues of family planning, protection and promotion of reproductive health of adolescents and youth, youth-friendly services, quality management of care at the level of obstetric hospitals and antenatal care as well as providing response to GBV by healthcare specialists - all these form the cornerstone of a healthy and prosperous society. By integrating these training courses into Kazakhstan’s existing educational programmes we help ensure that people have the right and timely help that can improve their health and even save lives,” said Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Analyst at UNFPA in Kazakhstan Serik Tanirbergenov.

Upon the results of the round-table the parties have agreed on and signed a relevant resolution.

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