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2 November 2018

Turkestan region teachers trained to deliver new Valeology course

Training of trainers (ToT) for teachers of Turkestan region takes place in Shymkent to help empower girls, realize the potential of adolescents and young people

17 August 2018

UN Population Fund has released a video “#HerFuture is our shared Future” about the consequences of early marriages in Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan 17 August 2018 – UNFPA has released a short video with a hashtag #HerFuture about early marriages in Kazakhstan. The video was made by “Tihiy svet” Documentary Film Atelier and is based on the video by Kazakhstan’s singer Kaliya “Қыз тағдыры» (Her Future). The Steppe website is a partner in this project. To

12 August 2018

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on International Youth Day 2018

We want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and make good on our pledge to leave no one behind. We want to build lasting peace. Therefore, young people belong at the centre of our collective efforts. Let us embrace young people as active partners on this journey together. None of our ambitious global goals can be


One in eight women in Kazakhstan experiences gender-based violence
GBV in Kazakhstan (Russian)


The Power of Choice: Reproductive rights and the demographic transition
Violence against women (VAW) is a global problem that does not recognize any cultural,...

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